amy patton


amy patton

Now that you’ve unraveled, here is where everything gets topsy-turvy. All that time and energy focused on yourself flips and you now realize that it wasn’t all about you to begin with. It’s about you, but it’s also about them. The ones you love and the ones that love you. It’s about the future; it’s about legacy. You found freedom so you could take others there! #purpose

By facing the hurt that created the pattens which caused so much distraction and destruction, you are putting an end to the cycle. Your family history changes from this point forward. A new story is being written beginning with you. A true, honest, unmasked story.

But unmasked is a funny beast. It’s changes the way people, new and old, react to you. Other unravelers will cheer you on and celebrate your growth. Find these weirdos and love them hard. These are your people. Then there are those who will tolerate this new version of you with polite disdain mixed with curiosity. You aren’t who you used to be and the change is hard for them. And finally there are the ones who will feel threatened at the presence of your vulnerability. You will know who they are by the way they clutch their mask while running and hurling barbs your way. It’s ok. Let them go. For any number of reasons, they aren’t ready. Love them anyway, just love them from a distance.

The journey that was once all about you has now morphed into an opportunity to lead others thru the unraveling. I should preface that by saying - leading those that are ready to take the leap. You can’t push a rope and you can lead a horse to water but...

You get the gist. When you show up without your mask and somebody says “I wanna try that,” take their hand and offer to show them the ropes. It’s how you can say thanks to all the peeps who did the same for you.

As you daily walk in your true self and spend time teaching others how to do the same, lives will be changed right before your eyes. I swear. It really is the craziest thing. Doing life unmasked is so amazing, you will want everyone you know and love to have a piece of the freedom pie. You will be like Oprah at Christmas. “You get freedom! And you get freedom! And YOU get freedom.!” But not everybody wants it. The best thing you can do for yourself at this stage in the game is learn how to become unoffendable. “You do you, boo” has become one of my mantras when dealing with people. I’m not here to tell you how to run your life. I’m just offering a hand if you don’t wanna navigate these waters alone.

So get out there and help somebody today. Be real and see where it lands. Trust the process for you as well as those you love. Sit with someone in their pain and show them there’s a way out. It’s what you were meant to do.

And by the way, congratulations!

You, my dear one, are officially undone.